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Covingtons Customs
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Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

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It's that time of year again when you start to hear that familiar phrase declared from motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Woodward..."It's a great day for a ride!" However, you also know that this phrase is used whether the sun is shining, the rain is bearing down, or if the wind is calm or heavy. No matter what the weather...if you have a motorcycle, you want to ride. AND if you have a Covington's NEED to ride!


Covingtons Customs opened its doors in Woodward, Oklahoma in 1994 although owner, Jerry Covington, has been hard at work in the motorcycle industry for over 40 years! Through extensive expertise in the industry and distinguished customer service acumen, Jerry and his wife and business partner Kathleen have gained much notoriety in the industry as being the "go-to" force for anything and everything you need. Now, graciously known as the "Covington's Treatment," customers can expect the best of the best in customer service, professionalism, custom parts, innovative designs, and/or unique and precise performance modifications!


As Jerry and Kathleen have always inspired to incorporate their extremely talented team in their business, they also pride themselves on having a strong sense of community pride! They are known throughout the Woodward community, as well as the nation, for raising thousands of dollars by building custom motorcycles for charitable organizations. Most of these projects have generated proceeds easily reaching six figures!

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Although Covingtons Customs has a vast array of products and services to choose from (most of which are AWARD WINNING), Kathleen's favorite is their custom built motorcycles. However, their best-selling items are the in-house manufactured motorcycle parts. Even though Covingtons Customs has been at the forefront of multiple motorcycle magazines and biker build off challenges, Kathleen says that they are not just a custom bike shop! They manufacture over 400 different parts in-house and package their own items and offer shipping. Covingtons Customs sells products to dealers all over the world as well as offering parts, service and performance work on stock Harley Davidsons. Of course, she also says if a custom bike is what you want, "If you can dream it...we can build it!"

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With all the products and services that Covingtons Customs provides, it's easy to understand why they are an industry and community leader! It is a rare occasion that a business of this magnitude is shown the industry respect it deserves. This time...the industry got it right when they named Jerry Covington, into the prestigious 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame! This honor has come through years of blood, sweat and tears this humble and respectable man has given to the industry. He has never faltered in his passion within his business, his family or his community! Although, we are sure this award will be cherished, we are also sure that Jerry, Kathleen and their talented crew will be back at work the next day to bring joy to those whose lives they will forever touch with their innovative work.

Covingtons Customs is a true testament to how hard work and perseverance prevail...



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