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The Scoreboard

523 Main Street
Woodward, Oklahoma 73801

Monday - Thursday 6:00am-9:00pm
Friday - Saturday 6:00am-9:30pm

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Woodward, Oklahoma hosts a great selection of restaurants, but a favorite among locals and visitors is The Scoreboard.  The Scoreboard opened in June 2007 as the Blue Water Grill.  As the owner, Krista Freeman, quickly saw a need for a great sport themed restaurant in Woodward, she decided to change the name and concept to The Scoreboard in July 2014.  The restaurant is now filled with sports memorabilia and large TVs at every corner for your viewing enjoyment! 


A great theme is not the only thing that makes The Scoreboard standout.  They are also known for their great burgers and steaks (although Krista prefers their fillet).  They have a great range of selections from barbeque to Italian.  Although the selection caters to your every whim, when asked about a few bestsellers, Krista is happy to mention their wings, chicken fried steak and brisket fries (one of our favorites is the grilled shrimp salad!).  If you don’t have time to come in a try some of their local favorites, The Scoreboard also offers a quick and easy take out service!


During the weekend, The Scoreboard is overrun with customers ready to get the best out of their hard-earned dollar from specials like the Friday night all you can eat catfish with French fries, coleslaw, hushpuppies, and beans for only $10.99 and the Friday night and all day Saturday 14oz ribeye, two sides and a trip to the salad bar for only $17.99.  At The Scoreboard, you can get a great deal and a full belly!  Maybe you also need a great meal before you head out for a long day!  The Scoreboard serves Breakfast, Monday through Friday 6:00am-10:30am and Saturday 6:00am-12:00pm.  

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The Scoreboard is also known for its great catering.  Krista prides herself and her team at The Scoreboard on handling successful caters for the large and small groups.  She is also known to help host special functions for several famous celebrities.  She has hosted watch parties for the television show, “Ink Master,” cheering on a hometown favorite, Joey Hamilton.  After his victory as “Ink Master,” Hamilton held a meet and greet at The Scoreboard for all of his local fans!  Krista has also hosted the Twister Alley International Film Festival’s Closing Party in 2015 where she graciously kept her grill open late for filmmakers from across the nation. 


To say the least, Krista and The Scoreboard family definitely go out of their way every day in Woodward, Oklahoma to make each and every local and visitor alike feel comfortable, entertained, and well-fed!


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