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This week our Spotlight is focused on...

The Hotpink Daisy & Chrome

1107 Main Street
Woodward, Oklahoma 73801

Monday - Friday 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

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Summer weather means cute shorts, tops, and fashion that eases those quickly rising temperatures of Northwestern Oklahoma!  A great place to prepare for your summer fashion show is the Hotpink Daisy & Chrome in Woodward, Oklahoma.  They have the perfect outfit no matter the season and no matter the age or size.  They even have great fashion for the men in your lives as well!


Sometimes shopping can get a little overwhelming!  However, things at the Hotpink  Daisy & Chrome are different.  As soon as you walk through the doors, you have a strong sense that this is a store where you might just get pampered as you shop for that perfect piece.  The smiles and sentiments from the staff truly offer some peace for you as you shop...almost as if you are shopping with a friend.  When the team gets a good sense of what you are looking for, they point you in the direction of just the right piece.  It's almost as if they can read your mind at times!  Although it seems like the Hotpink Daisy & Chrome employees are mind readers, owner, Daisy Adams, tells us that she prides herself and her employees on making their customers feel welcome and pampered while also making their shopping experience a little easier.  Daisy finds that creating a team of talented and trained staff makes it easier for their customers.  They even have one on one personal stylists that can help you pick out that perfect outfit from the jewelry to the shoes!


If it's variety your after, the Hotpink  Daisy & Chrome offer a variety of clothing lines to suit every body type.  The Hotpink Daisy & Chrome offers misses', women's and men's collections.  As their denim collection is a favorite with the locals, they have everything from Silvers and Big Star to Rock Revival and (Daisy's personal favorite) Dear John Denim.  When Daisy chooses a particular collection and line for the Hotpink Daisy & Chrome, she evaluates several aspects of the line.  "Learning the backstory to a line is extremely important because I like to develop a relationship with each designer and company owner we work with," says Daisy.  It's easy to see that Daisy takes pride in every aspect of her company.


A new addition for the Hotpink Daisy & Chrome is their ability to take orders from their website, Facebook (listed above) or Instagram with in store pick up or shipping (for a low flat rate of only $5).  Although you won't get that pampered feeling of coming into their store, at least you'll have a great option if you need something right away and are a little to far to make it in to the store.


The Hotpink Daisy & Chrome is also a family run business.  With Daisy's three daughters having been trained at an early age, working off and on in the store (after school hours and between sporting events!), and her eldest, Chelsay Adams, now working for Dear John Denim, it is obvious that the entire family has a passion for fashion!


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