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Brown's Shoe Fit Co. of Woodward

719 Main Street
Woodward, Oklahoma 73801

Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:30pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm

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Tis the season…the season of shoes! If you are a true shoe enthusiast, this is your favorite time of year.  Not only do you get to break out your fall boots, but, with this Oklahoma “Fall” weather, you can start the day with those cute ankle boots and end the day in your summer flip-flops!  This might actually be the ONLY positive thing to come out of our drastic temperature changes!  But no matter the temperature, Brown’s Shoe Fit in Woodward, Oklahoma has everything you need to get you through any Oklahoma weather.


Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. is situated in a unique corner location on Woodward’s historic Main Street.  As you enter the door, the sights and smells of new shoes overwhelm your senses.  For a moment, you feel as if you have stepped back to a time when shoe stores had cobbling machines whirring in the back. You truly feel as if Brown’s Shoe Store cares deeply about each and every individual shoe that is displayed.  Once you meet the managing partner, Jason Martin, you understand that your feeling that this is no ordinary shoe store is confirmed.  Jason and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about shoes and the benefits of wearing the right pair of shoes for your unique foot.  They even recommend getting your feet measured once a year to make sure you are wearing the correct size shoe and have a machine that can map the pressure distribution while standing.


With the vast variety of shoes from work boots to flip-flops, sandals to ankle boots, and designer brands from Birkenstock, Chaco’s, Oofos, and Uggs, finding that perfect pair of shoes is easy.  They also offer Merino wool socks and top of the line inserts to provide that perfect fit and comfort level and with three major sales during the year – Winter Clearance in January, Black Friday Sale, and Summer Clearance Sale in July - there’s a good chance you can make a good deal even better!  With all the great sales, maybe your size or style isn’t available or maybe you’re just visiting Woodward and found something you just have to have, but your size is currently out of stock.  With Brown’s, this is no problem as they can ship anywhere in the United States.


As you speak with Jason, you find that his sense of customer service is relentless.  While talking with customers about their favorite things about Brown’s, you find that they feel that Jason and the staff truly want to make sure the customer is taken care of from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave. This drive to make every experience a positive one, has scored the title of Best Shoe Store in Woodward for the past five years! To Jason, customer service isn’t just about making the customers happy and sharing his passion of shoes, it’s also about taking pride in creating relationships within his community.  As Jason and his family moved to Woodward in 2015, they have found Woodward to be overflowing with kindness and generosity.  As they grow their family and Brown’s Shoe Fit, they continue to be a proud part of the Woodward community. 


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