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Crystal Beach Stadium

(580) 256-9990

108 Temple Houston Drive, Woodward, OK, USA

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Crystal Beach stadium is Woodward’s premier outdoor arena! Home of the annual Elks Rodeo in addition to a slew of other rodeos, motocross exhibitions, concerts, and various other events, Crystal Beach Arena hosts events for everyone! It has even seen the likes of former President George W. Bush himself. This venue was designed to showcase outdoor events, musical performances, or sporting events of any kind. Crystal Beach Arena can serve as a perfect location for just about any occasion. We want your visit to Crystal Beach Stadium to be as memorable as possible. The Crystal Beach Arena has a wide range of services and facilities, including plenty of  food and drink stands, toilets etc. to help make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Crystal Beach Arena and staff are dedicated to showcasing our community’s best facility for a outdoor events. Crystal Beach Arena has proven to be an extremely active arena attracting a vast audience of patrons from all over the world.

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